How to Charge a Phone with a Broken Charger Port

How to Charge a Phone with a Broken Charger Port

This is sadly quite a frequent issue that troubles most consumers, and compels them to go out and purchase a new charger in what might be an inopportune moment. But it’s possible the issue doesn’t lie with the charger that you ‘re using. Although, chargers do and can frequently degrade, and crack down, the issue might well lie with your telephone along with the charging port on your mobile phone. Issues with a mobiles charging interface are rather common. Believe it or not, even in the event that you’ve got a faulty charging interface, you may still control your mobile phone. To be able to begin and find out how to control your cell phone using a busted charging interface, follow the directions below.

Before leaping into complex solutions, you must first attempt easy procedures, since the issue with your charging interface might be something as little as having debris or dirt embedded on the interior. The procedure below is quite straightforward to execute and just requires a couple of minutes of your time. To be able to begin and clean out your charging interface, follow the simple instructions below.

  1. With a flashlight look in your charging interface for debris, dirt, or whatever else which may have gotten lodged inside.
  2. Use a fresh and fresh toothbrush or cue suggestion, so as to brush off any visible debris. Note: avoid using a toothpick or paper clip to get this done, since you might end up causing harm to your charging interface.
  3. Once you’ve eliminated the debris, then just charge your phone as you usually would.

If your telephone is presently charging normally, then you certainly ‘s no requirement to perform the procedure below. Adhere to the method under, so as to control your cell phone using a busted charging interface.

Before beginning learning how to control your phone if the charging interface is brokenup, there’s a warning you want to remember. The method under requires extreme care. You have to listen to how long you battery and charge, as well as the warmth of the battery life. In the event the battery starts to feel overly hot, unplug your charger straight away. Should you overcharge a lithium-ion battery, then you raise the probability of explosion or fire. Though such matters don’t happen frequently, you should continue to be mindful. It’s better to utilize this technique in the brief term, if you want to get a billed phone, for emergency purposes.

As mentioned in the heading that this system involves charging your telephone ‘s battery with the negative and positive terminals. Though this might seem complex, it’s not that hard to perform. However, as mentioned previously this is much more so a temporary solution, since it is not convenient to perform. Nonetheless, to be able to begin and find out how to control your cell phone using a busted charging interface, follow the directions below.

Items Needed

Any charging wires.

Cable dividing pliers.
The capacity to eliminate your tablet computer battery.
Electrical tape.
When you have these things prepared, you’re now prepared to control your mobile phone. Follow the directions below.

  1. Gently splice your charging cable by removing the rubber casing, to be able to expose the coloured wires.
  2. Expose the aluminum strands at the coloured wires by utilizing cable dividing pliers.
  3. Twist the aluminum strands together and fold every cable on itself to be able to form a ball shape at the tip of the cable.
  4. Expose your mobiles battery.
  5. Plug the other end of this charging cable in your wall charging device, notebook along with other USB charging apparatus.

This technique will work quicker than your traditional charging method, but this method must only be completed in crisis conditions. IT’s not suggested to always use this technique to be able to control your mobile phone. There are lots of dangers involved in this procedure. You have to use care and make sure that you connect the positive cable to the terminal, and the negative wire to the terminal. IF you hook up the cables backwards, you might wind up damaging your battery life and causing many different issues, that could’ve been averted.

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