How to Disable Mac Trackpad When Using External Mouse

How to Disable Mac Trackpad When Using External Mouse

There’s no doubt the Mac trackpad is still an amazing useful instrument, that works through not just clicks, but via swipes and gestures. However, some users might prefer using an external mouse from simplicity and since it’s exactly what they’re utilised to. In case you’re among those individuals, you might choose to understand how to disable the Mac trackpad.

Should you would like ‘t correct your preferences to dismiss your Mac trackpad, the trackpad may cause some odd things to happen on your Mac which you weren’t planning to perform. Maybe, you’re also a pet owner, along with your cat frequently crawls around in your pc, causing irregular trackpad behavior to happen.

Fortunately, it is easy to disable the trackpad via the settings in your Mac. This is only going to take a few minutes of your time. The attribute can be disabled and enabled, anytime you desire. To be able to begin and find out the way to disable the Mac trackpad when using an external mouse, then follow the easy instructions below.

Adjust Settings to Eliminate Built-in Trackpad

Macs that lack an integrated trackpad attribute, clearly won’t be in a position to carry out this. The procedure below is quite simple to execute, and just takes a couple of minutes of your time. To be able to begin, and find out how to disable the built-in trackpad in your Mac, once you’re using an external mouse, then follow the easy instructions below.

  1. In the drop-down menu which appears, click System Preferences.
  2. Click the Access preference panel.
  3. Click Mouse & Trackpad in the left windowpane.
  4. There’ll be a checkbox next to Blow built in trackpad when mouse or mouse wireless trackpad exists. Click the checkbox so as to permit the alternative. A tiny blue test must appear in the checkbox, once the choice is enabled.

It’s as straightforward as that. The change will occur instantaneously. It doesn’Regardless of if your mouse is connected via a USB cable or via Bluetooth, the inner trackpad on the Mac will quit functioning, so long as the mouse is linked. You overlook ‘t need to worry about something. As soon as you’ve followed the directions above , you don’t need to change any setting, when linking an external mouse for your Mac.

This way is also a wonderful monitoring tool for if you end up not able to click because of disturbance between two input programs, or for if other odd mouse and click behaviours happen.

Should you would like to disable this feature in the future, for some reason, just follow the directions above, and check the checkbox for Blow Off built-in trackpad when mouse or mouse wireless trackpad is current. The blue checkmark within the checkbox must vanish, once the alternative is disabled. It is possible to disable and enable the choice anytime you desire, using the directions above, based upon what you need.

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