Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning On Android

Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning On Android

Your Android apparatus is packed with features which are amazingly helpful, such as the capability to flip on “Don’t Disturb,” that prevents alarms from pinging your Android apparatus. This is a godsend if you’re in an important interview or you only wish to be left alone and want an explanation.

Regrettably, on very infrequent events, such attributes refuse to do the job. In the instance of “Don’t Disturb,” it’ll keep turning when you overlook ‘t need it to. What should you do? Throw up your hands in defeat? Learn how to head read?

No, rather, search below for many solutions you may use to correct this “Don’t Affect ” problem. Do try them one after another till you find the gold ticket, contemplating it’s hard to pinpoint the specific matter.

Assess on Your Preferences

Your Preferences is a blessing of information. Should you assess “Don’t Affect ” in your Preferences, you might find it’s place to a program. When it’s, your own Android apparatus will automatically place itself to “Don’t Disturb,” thus, what it keeps turning on. Does this always turn on at particular times? If that’s the case, that’s the matter.

Here’s exactly what you do:

  1. Find and open the Preferences program.
  2. On your Preferences menu, find Sound & Notification. If you do, choose it.
  3. From the Sound & Notification menu, you also ‘ll discover “Don’t Affect ” one of your menu choices.
  4. When it’s place to “Program,” then you definitely ‘ve discovered that the culprit. Select it and select “Never” in the drop down menu.

Disable “Don’t Affect ” Out Of Quick Settings

If your Android apparatus includes a “Don’t Affect ” fast icon on your telling color, occasionally it may be somewhat finicky on elderly Android apparatus. In the event the fast icon is enabled, and you also disable “Don’t Affect ” elsewhere, occasionally your fast settings may override any modifications on your Preferences menu.

Here’s exactly what you do:

  1. Tap in your telling bar near the very top of your display, or swipe starting in the telling pub. In doing this you show your telling colour.
  2. To show more, swipe again, starting in the Quick Settings.
  3. Disable “Don’t Affect ” by tapping its icon.

Disable “Don’t Affect ” With Volume Buttons

If you turn off your volume much enough, then you ‘ll finally put your own Android apparatus into “Don’t Affect ” mode.

  1. Locate and open the Preferences program.
  2. On your Preferences menu, find Sound & Notification. If you do, choose it.
  3. Make sure that each and every volume option was set to maximum quantity.

Clear Cache and Info

Not all of Android apparatus have this choice available, but should you’re in a position to get the machine operate itself, you are able to clear the cache and information. You might have some files that are corrupted, which can be readily cleared.

  1. Find and open the Preferences program.
  2. On your Settings menu, then select Programs. You might need to scroll to locate it.
  3. In your Programs menu, you now ‘ll notice three vertical dots at the upper corner of your display. Select them. From the drop down menu, then select Show System.
  4. Find the “Don’t Affect ” function on your list of programs.
  5. Select Force Cease on the program info page.
  6. Then select Storage.

Bottom Line

It may be somewhat annoying to get this very helpful function work . Luckily, there’s ‘s lots of options that will assist you fix the issue, and hopefully one of these worked for you.

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