How to Reset Windows XP to Factory Settings

How to Reset Windows XP to Factory Settings

Windows XP was lauded among the best examples of a working system thus far. Considering that it was getting regular upgrades and security upgrades before April 8, 2014–12 years after it had been released to the general public. It was not overly flamboyant, nor was it jam packed with a lot of useless apps, and it wasn’t suck on your system’s tools such as a vampire. Plus it runs nicely. What’s to not enjoy?

The very first step you’re likely to need to consider is placing it back to factory settings, otherwise called a “factory reset. ” It may offer you a very fresh version of Windows XP without draining files, but what precisely is a factory reset? Can it hurt your PC? No, in reality, it can be quite beneficial if you’re troubleshooting.

Permit ‘s first determine exactly what it involves and everything you may need.

What’s Factory Programmer?

Factory configurations are, basically, the condition where your Windows XP-based pc was as it was initially removed from the box.

Before you create with the purging, you must be mindful that perform a factory reset will probably deleting each and every document from the PC. As a consequence, that you ought to copy any important documents, images, videos, and so forth, before you proceed with the purging.

Resetting Windows XP is a fairly straightforward procedure, even though it does take some time. With that said, you’ll want a couple of things before you’re able to make this occur, among which is completely crucial should you want to do a factory reset.

A cup of coffee and tea (optional)
A comfortable seat (optional)
Perhaps a publication (optional)
Windows XP setup CD/DVD (absolutely essential )
This ‘s the rub, which record submission, the Windows XP setup CD, you can’t reset Windows XP to factory settings with no setup CD. Even though there are a few choices, they might not work to your pc, and the majority of the time that they cost more to use than purchasing a preexisting Windows XP Home Edition CD out of, say, eBay.

Should you stay with the physical CD, do keep in mind that the CD needs to be:

Licensed by Windows
Contains a product key
Prevent brand-specific CDs which aren’t from the maker (i.e. don’t use a Dell-specific CD in an HP pc )
Prevent “service package ” CDs

Getting It All Together

Now that you have your own Windows XP Home Edition CD resting lightly in your hands, it’s time for to work.

  1. Backup all data that you need to keep. Pictures, videos, private files of any sort will be deleted once you factory reset.
  2. Put the Windows XP setup CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  3. When it boots up, press on any of these keys on your computer when you find the message “Press any key to boot from CD. “
  4. Press “Input ” to begin.
  5. Follow along with the installation till you come to choosing your hard disk partition. Whichever hard drive you to format it know that Windows XP will be set up to this exact hard drive. Pick sensibly.
  6. Scrub your coffee and or tea and read a fantastic book on your cozy chair until the procedure finishes.

Restore points are like a factory reset
System restore points may be lifesavers, particularly with your computer using numerous moving parts, it’s bound to run into a couple of troubles. It’s fine to have a safety net in case something is horribly wrong.

System restore things are, basically, saved cases of your personal computer at different factors. They include data on how your personal computer was working at the moment a system restore point was made.

Allow ‘s say you put in some questionable programs which, through deduction, you presume are causing a great deal of problems on your PC. When you’ve got a system restore point which has been created before you set up the apps, you may use it as a time machine, then revert back to some former condition and the apps will evaporate.

System restore things do much more than behave as a time machinethey roll back updates, eliminate apps that weren’t set in the moment, but all the while maintaining your own personal files intact and accessible, like: photographs, files, songs, videos, and mails you’ve saved in your hard disk. It’s like starting more than a match you simply conquer, and having the understanding of how to conquer it.

It’s true that you can envision thembut if you weren’t aware of these before, you probably don’t have some.

With that said, if you really do have system restore points, then it’s time you use these to execute a pseudo-factory reset.

  1. Begin by launching your Windows Start Menu, found in the bottom left corner of your display, by default.
  2. WIth your Windows Start Menu opened, place your mouse cursor over All Programs at the left column. This may open a menu.
  3. In the subsequent menu, highlight and hover Accessories towards the surface of the list.
  4. From the next menu, highlight and hover System Tools. This may start a fourth menu.
  5. From the fourth and last menu, then click on System Restore. It’s in the base of the fourth menu.
  6. Following the System Restore window opens, then look on the ideal hand side. You’ll notice you’ve got two choices, to restore from a previous timeto make a restore point. ” Click Next in the bottom right corner of this window.
  7. On the subsequent page, you’ll be shown a calendar together with a listing. Use the calendar to pinpoint an specific date and apply the listing on the right to pick a restore point, given one is different.

Your computer will then instantly restart, and make the required alterations, and boot like normal.

Later on, should you manage to execute a legitimate factory reset, then you need to create a habit of producing system restore points. On a new installation of Windows XP, this may be a godsend. In reality, you must always look at developing a system restore point before installing anything, particularly suspicious applications (or remain away from these ).

Bottom Line

Among the most significant attributes that Windows XP has going for it’s being an superb operating system for conducting retro games. Newer versions of Windows may be a nightmare only from trying to run games which are no longer than a decade old. Possessing a PC using Windows XP makes this process way simpler.

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